Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The 1000yr drought- so named 

I am not worried, but it seems the majority of Australians are. That's a real worry!
as so often happens when the city learns of extremes they get in an extreme mood .

The critical media message , dare i say it, as me Hanrahan , is do not worry . "Your not being rational so until you are willing to be , lie down and rest .Let someone whose "on the spot" look after the situation." (http://productionecologists.blogspot.com)
"Do what you can , where you are and you will be surprised how much a return to responsible engagement will help this country and other countries who need the same sustainable approach to planning . "

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quick fix - anathema to big picture thinkers

Urgent is an important imperative, but not in every ecosystem and certainly not after the problem has hit the press. In the big picture, hasty late action is counterproductive as it acts only when a problem is biologically too fast growing and too big to stop. It’s fine in industry, but no use when real world limits apply as they do within the real boundaries of economic activity in communities. There are also easier and more effective ways to avoid “just in time” action and its unfortunate birth child -unsustainable growth.
Urgent encourages the wrong choice in our dealings with algophobia. By choosing short term gain our children will have to deal with long term pain. The slower route is possible and achievable - a choice that works. Quick is the fear word grabbed from industrial mechanistic world views that eventually undermines sustainability in ideas and action.

The western world has reversed most of the dangerous processes it has set up, mainly in ignorance and quick fix, in their expanding territories. The need for the future is to avoid the quick fix (http://quickfiz.blogspot.com ) mentality of modern industry imperatives and ensure our children have a more concrete, unchanging view of how the bigger picture in the real world could change for the better over the next two generations .Only that way will they have some hope of getting there in the long term.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Takes one to know one
If you want to know what might really be going on in Political "debate", imagine, when "he or she is mad about somebody" , that he's talking about himself .

Politicians and simple green talk http://cuttingedgeconservation.blogspot.com this week

Monday, January 03, 2005

Sometimes the only differenece between the left and right in politics is the direction they start to go around the same circle.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

i presume we are not just talking about politicians going around in circles?

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